Top 3 Topical Uses for Aloe Vera gel

Aloe vera is one of my favorite products ever. It’s amazing that something which is entirely natural has so many uses, but not shocking. In fact, Egyptians used to call aloe vera the “plant of immortality” for good reason. I really believe that nature provides us with all we need to take care of ourselves and aloe is a complete source for healing.

So, what exactly can aloe vera gel be used for?


For sunburns (as well as scratches and tattoos!)

This is probably the most well-known use for aloe vera, but the reason why is because of its effectiveness. Aloe contains natural sources of cleansing and antiseptic properties. Aloe has also been proven to have aid in protection against UV radiation damage. According to the US National Library of Medicine, Aloe Vera when applied to the skin has been shown to prompt the skin to  release an antioxidant which then taps into other natural chemicals that fight radiation damage. Amazing, right? The excitement doesn’t stop there! Collagen the primary protein in the body which, literally, holds us together. The way aloe heals wounds is by increasing not only the amount of collagen but the effectiveness of it closing a wound when applied to the skin. Paired with being anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal; aloe vera has everything you need to successfully and naturally heal minor skin damage.


Treat acne of all kinds

I have chronic cystic acne.. Or, had. I still get occasional breakouts that are out of my control but with a vegan diet along with using aloe vera it is for the most part under control without any use of prescription treatment (it even helped my scars after time because it increases skin cell production) or other unnatural chemicals. The plant substance contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are both critical for treating breakouts – as well as the fact mentioned previously which is aloe vera promotes the healing of skin by making the skin produce collagen which is effective in healing wounds.



Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer for skin (+hair!) and is totally safe to be used on the face as it is suitable for all skin types (but with anything else be sure to test on skin before usage just to be safe). It is an ideal choice for a daily moisturizer instead of lotion. It leaves no greasy residue because of its natural chemical compound and is even great to use before applying makeup or for aftershave. The natural UV protection in aloe mentioned previously comes into play here too, as aloe vera has an SPF of 20 and can be applied before sun damage occurs or used as an ingredient in natural sunscreen to be extra safe.


There are countless other uses for aloe, but these are the top 3. Some of the other things aloe vera can do:

  • Help wrinkles
  • Prevent dandruff
  • Soothe itching skin
  • Heal rashes
  • Promote hair growth


Aloe vera is amazing. There is no need to have countless chemical filled creams, oils, cleansers, masks, or ointments when the answer is so simple. Considering the fact that it is also massively multi-use, think about how many products in your medicine/beauty cabinet it can replace.


Get some here.

(this is an affiliate link, if you purchase this item through this link I will receive a small portion of the sale)


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