Top 5 Vegan Documentaries

Documentaries are immensely important in spreading the message of veganism because they disclose and show the truth. Vegans can talk all day about what the truth is (no doubt just to be be shut down, pushed aside, and overall dismissed) but we can’t actually show what we know to be true effectively without the existence of documentaries. Lucky for us, there are numerous documentaries which show the truth, no matter how harsh it may be. Here’s a collection of the top 5 vegan documentaries in no particular order which are the best of the best.


Cowspiracy (2014) focuses on how animal agriculture is directly linked to climate change

Few people actually know how devastating animal agriculture is to our climate. I believe if more people knew, more people would be vegan for solely this reason. Everything surrounding animal agriculture is a conspiracy, and Cowspiracy tells the truth about why our planet is dying and how going vegan is the solution.


Forks Over Knives (2011) focuses on human health and the impact of animal products vs a plant based diet

Almost all of the top 10 causes of death in the United States is caused by one thing.. eating animals. The consumption of animal products are directly linked to death in humans which proves that the large majority of what kills us is fully preventable and even in many cases reversible. This film explores these facts and is an amazing scientific documentary.


Earthlings (2005) extremely graphic, & focuses on the truth of the unethical nature of obtaining animal products while discussing the idea of humanity is lost when we forget that we are all earthlings

Earthlings is heart-wrenching to watch, especially for people who already are vegan, but it is necessary to show what really goes on because it is hidden from all of us. The events seen in Earthlings happen constantly to billions of animals worldwide, every second of every day. There is a reason why so many people went vegan after watching it, and there is a reason why nobody wants anyone to see the things this film brings to light.


Vegucated (2011) focuses on the transformation of individuals via veganism

This documentary is also an experiment. Three people go down the journey of learning all about animal products. The cruelty, the impact, they even experience the health behind it first hand and see themselves change.


Carnage (2017) contains nudity, a bit of a different take on the vegan documentary, Carnage focuses on how humankind will one day view carnism

Carnage is wildly unique and is brilliant in its execution, many people call it a mockumentary. History always has a right and a wrong side, the people who fight for and those who oppose change. This is a recurrent behavior among humans and is proven by looking back on any major shifts in humanity. I, and the creators of Carnage, believe that one day people will look back on ending the consumption of animals as one of the great human movements. This new film explores that idea while also embracing some comedy as a way of teaching.


These films are primarily aimed at people who are not already vegan but they’re equally important for vegans to have watched as well, even if it is difficult for us to do so, because it stays in the back of our head at all times to be a constant reminder of why we are vegan – whatever reason(s) this may be. Veganism is the future and these documentaries will serve as a piece of history someday, so let’s make use of them right now.


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  1. I actually haven’t seen any of these yet! Adding them to my list immediately 🙂

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  2. I watched all of them above! Some scenes really broke my heart tbh. Nevertheless, it is something that I think everybody should watch

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  3. I haven’t seen any of these! Wonder if I could get my non-vegan husband to watch them!


  4. Great list! Also, there is a brand new documentary called “What the Health”. An absolute “Must-See”!

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    • I’ve heard a lot about it and I’m really excited to watch it! When I do, I’ll be writing a larger post just about it. It’ll be nice to watch a really up-to-date vegan documentary concerning health. Thank you for reading & commenting!


  5. Will definitely search for these documentaries.

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  6. Thanks for these! I too just watched “What the Health” and it was eye opening. Are any of these a good starter for discussing the link between vegan diet and curing cancer? My mom’s cancer just came back, and she was a bit hesitant when I suggested she look into adding dietary changes to her treatment (she loves her cheese!).

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    • From this list, Forks Over Knives discusses the link between cancer and animal products (dairy specifically!). Not from this list, Eating You Alive discusses why people in the US specifically are so healthy; I also have not watched it but I found “Crazy Sexy Cancer” after doing a quick search, it might be something worth looking into!



  1. How me Going Vegan has Changed my Family – Journey to Green Living

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