Ways to go Paperless & Help the Environment

Paper is becoming nearly obsolete in our daily lives, which is a good thing. According to The Paperless Project, usage of paper products has gone up over 400% in the last 40 years with paper being one of the largest culprits in filling landfills. With technological advances this number should start to go down, do your part to make sure it does by starting to digitize what you can today and reap the benefits of having your life organized and fully accessible.



Using a digital calendar instead of a physical paper calendar is one of the easiest switches to make to go paperless with huge benefits. Digital calendars are more convenient as they can be accessed across all your devices if you choose a compatible one such as Google calendar; this allows you to have control of your calendar whether you’re at home, at work, or even on vacation. Digitalizing your calendar is also useful with more flexible customization. For most calendars, once they’re written on, the writing cannot be removed – there also is never enough space to write out the details of events and is just overall very limited. In many digital calendars events can be edited with no limitations, have a place to put details, can schedule times (and even notify you of times!), can list an exact location, can repeat events automatically, can have the information backed up for safekeeping, and lastly digital calendars do not need to be replaced every year.


Memo pad

Need to write something down in a hurry? Don’t fret if you don’t have a paper or a pen because most mobile devices and tablets have memo pads pre-installed or have apps you can download for them, same with computers. Digital memo pads are perfect for writing down random thoughts you have, numbers or other information, to-do lists and especially grocery lists. They’re perfect for grocery lists in particular since next to nobody ever forgets their phone when going out in public but grocery lists are forgotten all the time.


Journals & Planners

Now, there is something special about writing by hand in journals and planners, but it’s not the only option. Digital journals and planners are more secure, they can usually be password protected or locked in files. There are apps for digital journals and planners but just using any sort of typing platform, such as microsoft word, would be just as effective. They can also be backed up so you never lose any of your entries, and can go everywhere with you without any extra room needed. It’s even possible to type up or scan old journals for safekeeping.



The biggest benefit of committing to digital books? They cost less, a fraction of the cost a majority of the time! Second hand books are an amazing option as well, since they’re already printed and therefore you’re not creating any extra paper wastage, but for brand new books digital books are superior. Saving money aside, digital books are more convenient. They don’t have to be bought or ordered online and then delivered, delivery is instant most of the time. They can’t be damaged and similar to digital calendars and memos, they can be brought everywhere without the bulk of a physical book copy.


Paying bills

I’m always shocked when people say they pay bills the old-fashioned way still, by sending checks in the mail. Pretty much all kinds of bills can be paid online now, and they should be. Paying bills online clearly reduces the amount of paper wasted but the biggest benefit is the security and ease involved. There’s no chance of your money getting lost in the mail and having the power cut off and it only takes a few minutes for each bill to be paid instead of days at a time.


This article isn’t meant to say that you should never use paper or that you’re a bad person for preferring paper books or a paper planner, but considering going at least partially paperless is beneficial for you too! There are options out there besides everything being paper and disposable because of how versatile technology is becoming. Simplify your life, save money and reduce paper wastage by digitizing your life whether it’s partially or entirely.


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