Finding Exercise that Works for You

Exercise is difficult for a huge portion of people. Everyone knows that we should exercise more than we do, but a lot of us don’t regardless if we know better. The large majority of us live primarily sedentary lifestyles; therefore exercise needs to be added into our routine rather than getting it naturally. A fact that is also usually ignored is exercise isn’t easy for a lot of people. The reasons for why someone may not be able to exercise like most people do ranges, everything from having existing health problems that make trying out different forms of exercise difficult to simply not liking most forms of exercise. I fall under both of these categories. Ultimately, exercise is a necessity. I’m trying to live a better life, and this is a puzzle piece that I’m trying to find. I know other people are working on this too or would like to be but don’t know where to start.


There are a few ways I’m working on this, one of them is through an old vintage bicycle I found hanging in my dad’s garage. I have always loved cycling but had a difficult time with it. It’s a low-impact sport meaning it doesn’t put much strain on the body, but it is a very effective form of exercise and can be difficult under incorrect circumstances. Once I started pedaling – this vintage cruiser everything felt right. I realized the reason why I couldn’t ride more than a block previously was just because I wasn’t riding the right bicycle. When I realized that I wasn’t the problem, the bikes I was riding were, I felt alive as I zipped down the bike path. This is the importance of finding things which work for you in terms of exercise.


Exercise is not something which should be hard and grueling. It should be satisfying, therapeutic, and should make you happy.


Another thing that makes exercise hard for a lot of people is issues with self-esteem. This is most common when people think that health looks a certain way (which is false, healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes), or when someone is just starting out and struggles a bit due to learning curves with whatever form of exercise they’ve chosen to pursue. The reality behind the latter is that instant results don’t exist with things that are truly gratifying. On the other hand, and what I believe is even more important, if something isn’t working trying to force it isn’t going to make it work. It’s like trying to put a square shaped block into a circle shaped hole.Things get easier over time but if it is not meant to happen it will always be difficult to do. Finding an exercise routine that resonates with you is something that should take priority. Not everyone is built for or enjoys the classic forms of exercise like running, lifting weights, or yoga, and those are not the only options.


There are so many different ways to exercise it seems a shame to stick to the classic ways. If classic forms of exercise are what you prefer, feel free, but let’s take a look at other forms of exercise that people don’t always think about & are fun:


  • Step Aerobics
  • Jump rope
  • Roller Skating
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Tai chi
  • Boxing
  • Dancing
  • Hula hooping

… and these are just a few!


Especially at the beginning of trying to exercise more having fun should be made a priority, but everything I’ve listed & so many other methods of exercising are also as effective of other forms of exercise just in different ways. Don’t be afraid to try new things and find what works for you to move your way to a healthier, happier, existence.


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  1. Well said, finding the right exercise for you is really the most important thing. When we enjoy it is going to benefit us so much more too! 😊 xx

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  2. I Love this!! And I agree, it should be enjoyable, not a chore. Nothing in life should be a chore…
    As for me, I tried pole dancing last year as a way to get fit, and I have never seen the same results Brough any other form of exercise, and I’ve tried a few… i did karate for near on 10 years and still didn’t see the same results!! I now have muscles where it didn’t occur to me we had them! And such a fun time!!
    I too have also rediscovered bike riding and I love it! Enjoy your riding!!

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    • I’ve seen a ton of people enjoy pole dancing! I’ve actually thought about doing it in the future when I could find a class. Since it’s a full body workout, it’s really similar to doing a a full routine a the gym.. but it’s more fun. Thanks so much for your comment & for reading!


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