Vegan Animal Sanctuaries

One of the most bizarre things that I see on a regular basis is average, non-vegan people who cheer when they see animals escaping the cruelty of the animal farm industry. It usually happens like this: A video surfaces of a cow or maybe a pig running from a slaughterhouse truck and escaping. It goes viral on a social media site. It has thousands of hits. Yet, most of the people who applaud the animal who fought to live then go on to have a burger later in the day. I feel like these people understand why they feel that way but don’t go on to connect it to the idea of actually practicing it. Today, however, I would like to discuss some of the most amazing organizations that dedicate their lives to saving animals like the ones in those videos.


Farm animal sanctuaries are animal rescues which focus on animals that are meant for consumption/to produce items for human consumptions, like chickens meant for meat and cows meant for dairy. They’re essentially what people imagine farms are like when they’re kids which is one of the reasons I think they’re so amazing.


Without further ado, let’s delve right into a list of animal sanctuaries:


Animal Place in Grass Valley, California

Animal Place is a group of individuals dedicated to saving animals. Founded in 1989, it is one of the oldest farm animal sanctuaries in the United States as well as one of the biggest! The sanctuary saves farm animals, but also adopts them out to permanent loving homes & educates the public on various different topics regarding animals.


Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary in Galicia, Spain

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary was opened in 2013 when the owners discovered the truth surrounding farm animals, and they’ve made compassion their mission ever since. Their ultimate goal is to provide their rescued animals with a life free of fear full of comfort & love and to spread this compassion as much as possible to create a kinder world.


The Farm Animal Sanctuary in Evesham, Britain

The Farm Animal Sanctuary has been open for about 25 years now and started with a dying baby goat being sold in a meat market. That baby goat called Taro went on to live for 15 years and the sanctuary opened up its doors to over 60 more of the sickest animals from market, almost all of which survived with proper care. The Farm Animal Sanctuary now has grown to house over 530 rescued animals.turkey-399304_960_720


Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, Oregon

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary works to provide a loving, safe environment for rescued farm animals and focuses on promoting community outreach/education for awareness. The advocacy of compassionate living is what’s most important. The sanctuary’s way of going about this is by creating passionate bonds between people and the farm animals that live in the sanctuary, to show people that their lives really are worth more than is routinely determined.


Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, New York

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary aims to help animals who are victims of animal agriculture as well as to educate people on the sad reality that is animal exploitation. They want to give animals that are born into the world without a chance a second chance at life and allow them to live a long, free, peaceful existence.


Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in Stratford, Ontario

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, founded in 1999, focuses on saving animals that are victims of the animal agriculture industry and works to spread awareness concerning cruelty-free food choices. The sanctuary started out as a wildlife sanctuary but quickly turned their attention towards farm animals when it became aware that help was needed for these animals. Their goal is to help people make the connection between the live animals in their sanctuary and the dead ones on their plate.


lamb-2216160_1920How can I help?

If you live near one of these sanctuaries, if possible donate your time! Volunteering is one of the single best ways to help animal rescues. There are also jobs available if you have time to give, but not for free. You can also donate money, adopt or rescue animals, and share their websites as well as this blog post to spread awareness and don’t forget to follow on social media. At the end of the day, going vegan is the ultimate way to help these animals – as you would be one less person contributing to their need for their rescue in the first place.


This list is also just a small list – there are a huge amount of sanctuaries not listed here! Search within your area to see if there are any farm sanctuaries for you to visit, volunteer, or even work at. There are opportunities across the world to help rescued farm animals hands-on.


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  1. Glad someone brought this up. And I’m happy to see one of those sanctuaries is here in the UK. I will make it my mission to volunteer there! Thanks for this. 🙂

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    • I’m SO glad that this helped! I specifically looked for some sanctuaries that weren’t in the United States to try to help readers not in the US and am really glad that it worked. Thanks for reading & commenting, Orion!


  2. I live in CT and am definitely going to visit Woodstock Sanctuary in NY!! Thank you!

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