Why I’ll Never Have Biological Children

When I was a child, as young as 8 or 9, I decided I never wanted to have children. My blatant disinterest in baby dolls and playing house when I was even younger was an early indicator from this. From then to over a decade later (and I’m 100% positive for the rest of my life) I have not wavered in this decision despite how many times I heard the oh-so common “You’ll change your mind later!” as women who don’t want children was, and sometimes still is, seen as an unfathomable thing.


Millennials are known for “killing” a lot of things, we get blamed for everything from the decrease in movie theater attendance to an increase in terrorism (complete buggery). The truth behind the accusations of millennials ruining the planet is that we are changing it and even saving it in a lot of ways by not being afraid to go against the norm; and the ironic reality is that every single generation does things that the previous generation views as rebellious, even ruining tradition.


What I have to say is… Down with tradition.

Tradition is the root of all evil. Go ahead and quote me on that. Every single thing that is ruining society and harming the planet stems from tradition and traditional values, despite different generations thinking it is the opposite & that younger generations are to blame. When we get stuck in our ways and refuse to change with the excuse of “it’s how it’s always been!” that’s when we end up in a standstill and can’t do anything to better the planet. We need to let go of all traditions, including our own traditional values, in order to grow and truly make a difference.


My ultimate drive in life is saving the environment & not creating another human (or multiple humans) is the single most impactful thing we can do as individuals to help the environment. While my reasonings for not wanting kids when I myself was a child were simply that I didn’t want to, this is the main reason now. The second most impactful thing one can do to help the environment is veganism; read about the link between veganism and the environment in my article “Animal Agriculture & Climate Change”. Veganism is widely ignored in the discussion concerning going green but not reproducing is next to nowhere to be found in green discussions. Despite this, I’ve made my own decision to contribute to something bigger than myself and my yearnings. This is also something that can be applied for veganism – I didn’t suddenly become a vegan because I started hating the taste of chicken wings, I became a vegan for something so much greater.


Won’t not having children destroy the human race?
Short answer: no. Long answer: It’s reality that reproducing is something that will always happen on earth. It’s just also the fact that every single human absolutely does not need to bring more humans into the world and the idea that we are all expected to is just bizarre. On top of this, if we greatly decreased the population, having children regularly would not be a problem; the problem arises because we are overpopulated for how our world is currently functioning. In the present moment, we need to greatly reduce the amount of children being born.


But what about the joy of having children?!?!

Not having biological children vs not having children are two entirely different things. I still am undecided if I ever want to be a parent (and don’t think it’s a decision I need to make right now) – just fully decided in the fact that I never want biological children. Everyone knows that adopting a pet should always prioritize buying a pet but nobody wishes to apply this logic to human children which is tragic.


adoption-1057639_1920Some statistics on children in foster care:

  • 428,000 is the average amount of children in foster care every day.
  • In 2015 there were 62,000 children waiting to be adopted.
  • By the end of 2015 over 20,000 children aged out of foster care, unadopted.


There are children who need homes which is immensely more important than the desire to have children that resemble us and share our DNA, and I think it is important for these numbers to one day reach 0. The ultimate solution to this problem is for only qualified, loving parents to have children in the first place – but as of right now the solution is for people to think adoption first when it comes to the discussion of having children. This not only helps the environment, but saves the lives of children who would otherwise be forgotten.


Life choices such as this are exactly how we, as individuals, can save the planet. We can’t afford to look the other way or do things just because we want to if we really want to make a difference in the world and following this idea every single day is the key to green living.


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  1. Wow, I can’t believe someone actually thinks like me!!! You’re exactly right. People just don’t ‘get’ women who don’t want to have kids. I used to be a youth worker and I love kids, but I was always very happy to give them back to their parents haha. And like you, I’ve known from a young age. I do think this is a very personal choice and for me it’s an easy one, because I never felt the need to have kids. Other people feel like their life is incomplete without them, so I understand that they do want kids. Great post 🙂

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    • I’m SO glad that this post resonated with you! Putting my controversial ways of thinking and living out there can be daunting, and comments like this help a lot. Thanks for reading and I’m also really glad that there are others who think like this.


  2. THANK YOU for this!! My sentiments exactly!! I think kids are great, but my main reason for choosing not to have them is overpopulation and if I really want them, adoption is a rewarding and loving choice.

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  3. I’ve always felt this way to and it was until recently that someone pointed out that this could be good for the environment. I honestly never thought of it that way before but now I can’t stop thinking about it.

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  4. I admire you for posting this, it is truly brave. I never wanted children, and surprise…I had an unexpected daughter. I never developed the mothering gene like I think I should have, definitely no June Cleaver here, but I love her more than life itself. I respect your decision and adore that you are not afraid to put it out there! Keep it real!

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