The Under2 Coalition

The Under2 Climate Coalition is a group of governments all across the planet who are dedicated to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and treat their overall contribution towards a green planet as a priority. The coalition consists of 177 jurisdictions from 37 countries on 6 continents and ultimately brings together over 175 governments consisting of approximately 1.2 billion people.


Why is it called Under2?

This was my first question when I heard about the Under2 coalition which prompted me to investigate more. The name Under2 comes from the goal to keep global warming to under 2° Celsius as well as to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 2 tons for each person, 80-95% below the levels in 1990 by the year 2050.


The problem…

Something that needs to stop is the outright dismissal of animal agriculture in relation to the rapid decline of our planet’s climate when leaders are talking about how they & their jurisdictions can go green. While every single effort to help the planet is fantastic and necessary, especially the other big categories like car emissions and plastic waste, why is 51% of the problem almost always left out of the discussion?


If our politicians and our leaders can’t even acknowledge that veganism is the ultimate key to halting climate change, how can we be expected to get anywhere at all? A problem can’t be solved if you ignore half of the solution out of convenience. Something I talk a lot about on this blog is the idea of living by example, I discussed this in “How me Going Vegan has Changed my Family”, but the gist of it is the best way to change the world is to change your own world first. Live how you want the rest of the world to live and be a shining example for the kind of future you wish to create. It is beyond hypocritical for anyone who is not vegan or at the very least pescetarian to claim they care about the planet, animals, or human health and especially for them to be the face of something as important as the leaders in the Under2 Climate Coalition.


Animal agriculture is destroying the planet at an exceedingly terrifying rate and is not only completely unnecessary for our well-being as a species, but it is also killing us as individuals. While we are fighting to be unified as a planet and work to change our ways to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, what goes on our plate is the most important factor which is 100% in our control. For further information about veganism, watch the documentaries listed on my post “Top 5 Vegan Documentaries”.


Despite these things, the Under2 coalition is an immensely important alliance and is the next major step in turning the planet green. It works to unite diverse groups of people all across the globe in one fight – the fight for our planet. If we can all stand on equal ground with one common goal in mind, we can make a huge difference in the world.


Another thing which is extremely promising in the coalition is the fact that joining in is not up to our country’s leaders, which is why California has decided on their own to join the coalition. The current President’s attitude towards climate change is destructive and demeaning of the issue at hand, and the decisions he partakes in on the matter affect the entire world greatly, but there is so much more we can do. The support of the Under2 coalition is one of those things.


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  1. Isn’t it true that now we are past the point of repairable as far as carbon emission goes? Most of this caused by large industrial cattle farms?


    • For the most part, sadly, yes. However if we greatly reduce the amount we are producing we can also greatly reduce the effects of global warming. Climate change in general is a natural thing and the ecosystem can self regulate, so if we stop producing a huge amount of unnatural burden on the environment, some damage can be aided. We can also stop future damage in its path with reducing the amount of emissions. That’s a huge reason why Under2 focuses a lot on the changes we can make now to halt climate change. Thank you so much for commenting!

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