Journey to Green Living is all about the process of living a lifestyle of environmental sustainability and compassion also centered around natural, healthy products & practices. The road to living a life of purpose is a long, ever-changing, constantly developing path that we have to make ourselves. The world is what we make it and we can all change the world through daily choices and by living via example. What this means is that every single choice we make matters regardless of how small it may seem; what we eat, what we put on our skin, what we wash our hair with, what kind of bags we use a the grocery store or how we get to the grocery store – all of these things make a difference and influence everyone around you to make choices that support a green future.


The purpose of Journey to Green Living is to provide informational resources for natural & green living all in the same place. Living a life of example focused on compassion, sustainability, and natural well-being while inspiring others to start on their own journey.


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